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As a veteran-owned business, we know the value of service. As a company staffed with clinicians, we know how critical efficacy is. Walgreen Health Solutions is dedicated to cutting edge, innovative, easy-to-use-cost-effective solutions for a multitude of health conditions.

From high quality heel offloading boots to digital pressure monitoring, Walgreen Health Solutions has solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. We know our products inside out; we also know our customers and their needs. We’ve changed our name, but what won’t change is the high standard of evidence-driven clinical efficacy of our products.

 We take ownership and pride in believing in what our products can do for you.


Our Mission & Values

Produce cost effective and innovative solutions that matters to you.  That’s what you can expect from us.  

Creating and designing proven, simple health solutions with the best interests of caregivers and patients in mind.   


The Heelift® name in the Wound Care Industry has become synonymous with high-quality offloading products for heel pressure ulcer prevention. Beginning with Heelift Classic in 1979 and evolving through Heelift Glide and most recently Heelift Glide Ultra and Heelift AFO Ultra, Walgreen Health Solutions has one mission in mind – ensure that heel pressure ulcers are truly “never events.”


Thinking Beyond the Traditional Approach


As we move forward, we are looking to the future and how emerging technologies can prevent and treat injuries. Our innovative clinical team is working on cutting edge solutions that will revolutionize healthcare. 


Along the way, we will partner with our customers to deliver on the promise of these new technologies.  Contact our Experts to learn more.  

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Our passionate team of health and technology professionals develops solutions to empower patients and caregivers to achieve better outcomes. We are driven to innovate with compassion, drive down prevalence with leading edge breakthroughs, and help clinicians give their patients better quality of life.


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