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The PressureAlert® system enables healthcare providers and patients to prevent and heal wounds.


Breakthrough Technology that changes the way we handle

Pressure injuries (or bedsores) are skin and/or tissue injuries that typically occur on certain high-risk areas of the body such as heels, sacrum, elbows, and head. There are several time consuming and costly traditional methods utilized today to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. These methods can include teams of nurses moving patients every two hours, purchases of expensive specialized beds/mattresses that shift patients, and offloading devices for specific parts of the body.

However, these alternatives are not always utilized effectively and patients frequently roll back onto compromised tissue after being turned, unknown to the caregiver.  The PressureAlert® System is your answer.  


Apply the dressing which contains presure sensor that detect pressure and wirelessly sends information.


Monitor the tablet which receives the sensor information and monitors and alerts patient and caregiver.


The information is sent to the Cloud to monitor the patient remotely and provide clinical history.

Patients avoid pain, recover more quickly, and suffer less loss of function, disability, and serious time and financial costs.
Caregivers save time, effort, and reduce the frequency and severity of on the job injuries.

Providers and payors can improve quality of care, decrease costs, and diminish their legal risk.

PressureAlert Dressing Applications


PressureAlert Literature

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